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Stylish fitted wardrobes for bedroom storage

How to choose the right bedroom storage

Lack of storage is a problem that many homeowners face, whether they live in a new or older property. This is certainly true in the bedroom, where personal items and even clothes can start to take up more room than you’d initially intended.

Choosing the right storage solution is essential, especially where space is limited. With endless types available, it’s important to narrow down your options. These are just some of the questions to ask yourself so you make the right decision.

How much room do you have?



One of the first areas to consider is exactly how much space you have available. Some storage solutions may look and function well, but the amount of room they take up soon makes them impractical.

A major advantage of fitted wardrobes, for example, is that they take up very little space. They are manufactured to the unique specifications of your bedroom so they are not invasive, and seamlessly fit within your existing space.

What do you need to store?

Now you’ve weighed up what space you can afford to dedicate to your bedroom storage, it’s time to think about exactly what you need to store. From shoes to clothes, toiletries to accessories, there is no end of items you generally have in your bedroom.

Weigh up exactly what you have and decide what would be the most functional means of storing it. Some items lend themselves better to being in drawers, while others are better being stowed away on hanging rails or shelves.

Can you easily access your items?

No matter what the items are, it’s more than likely you will want to be able to access them easily. While ottomans and underbed storage might seem like a good option, ask yourself how quickly you will be able to get to the things you need.

Again, built-in wardrobes can be configured in whatever way you want. If you need hanging space then this is possible, and the same goes for any drawers or storage baskets you may want to incorporate.

Find your ideal fitted wardrobes in Doncaster


All our fitted wardrobes are made to measure and designed to suit your needs. We’ve got a range of colours and finishes for you to choose from and can make your bedroom storage as functional and stylish as you want it.

If you want more information on built-in wardrobes in Doncaster, speak to the Christie’s Interiors team on 01302 343221, or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer.