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Kitchen Trends 2020

The kitchen plays a vital role in just about any home, for many it’s a focal point, a hub for the family to gather for meal times and cooking. New kitchen trends emerge all the time and if you’re a home interior enthusiast like us it’s always good to keep on top of the latest styles and on trend designs. Often influenced by fashion trends and even more so by the way we live and socialise, kitchen trends can influence how you style your home therefore careful consideration should be taken.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite trends so far from 2020, to hopefully inspire you for your own design. Use these trends just a starting point for coming up with your own ideas and figuring out your own style as the times change. Let trends inspire you and get creative!

Dark statement kitchen cabinets

Bold and interesting paint colours are coming to kitchen cabinets this decade. Think forest green, midnight blue and moody black. That doesn’t mean white kitchen are outdated, they’re certainly still popular, but we’re seeing lots of customer experimenting with dark units, perhaps on one wall or for use on an island.

If you are going dark and bold on your cabinets, make sure your worktops and/or backsplash are light enough to reflect light. One way to achieve this could be with our latest Hartforth blue range of units and a white granite worktop or quartz worktop. The contrast will help keep your room looking and feeling bright. If you’ve got a small space keep walls white & fresh whilst creating a striking appearance on your cabinets.

Statement taps

The popularity of statement taps just continues to grow. There’s a huge choice of finishes, sizes & styles now available allowing almost anyone to find a tap that will suit their home design. Copper & nickel looking taps inspired by industrial designs will make great additions to any modern or contemporary kitchen and are an easy statement piece. Pair these finishes with door handles or kitchen accessories and you can create a wonderful look for your kitchen.

A statement tap is also a great way to revive a current kitchen, although a small change it can certainly help to change the look and feel of your room with little investment.

Kitchen islands

There’s nothing new about the kitchen island, it’s been a trend that we all know and love and if you’re lucky enough to have the space it can create the ultimate kitchen centrepiece. An adaption to the classic island is the dining table island; more often than not customers will now ask for overhang on worktops to create a dining space where bar stools can be placed to create a social seating area. These breakfast bars can really maximise the functionality of your space.

Some customers are taking this a step further and adding a dining table at the end of the island to further maximise the flow. When entertaining, we want to be able to integrate both cooking and socialising and what better way to do so than to create a seating area in the kitchen.

Concealed kitchen storage

2020 has certainly seen an abundance of new kitchen appliances and technologies appear in our kitchens which take up precious worktop space, therefore we need to find new and creative ways to store these. Concealing these appliances can take the form of simple cabinetry to hide a fridge or dishwasher, or you can get creative and use hidden drawers and sliding doors.  These areas not only allow you to discreetly tuck away a huge variety of appliances, but they also maximise every available space.

We offer total flexibility when it comes to designing your kitchen, we have lots of different ways cupboards and drawers can be customised from depth, to custom cutlery inserts, to shape, allowing you to find a home for just about any appliances.

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