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Top Tips For Designing your Dream Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen can be super exciting. You’ve more than likely done a bit of browsing to get ideas and inspiration, but there’s no denying it can be a little overwhelming as there’s so much choice! In this blog we cover every aspect of kitchen design, from choosing cabinet styles to material types and even colours schemes. Our team of experts are also available for one on one design sessions where we can discuss your ideas and bring your kitchen to life.

Having a clear vision

First things first when starting to plan your kitchen you should consider what you want the ends result to look like. Cabinets are a major part of any kitchen so careful considerations should be taken here. You may also want to think about colour and how you wish to introduce it to your space, either on the walls or through your cabinets. All of these elements should be well thought out then once you have a clear vision you can proceed to the fun part, designing!

Modern kitchens

A contemporary kitchen can blend into both modern and traditional interiors. They can work extremely well in light spaces. A trend we’ve seen in recent years is kitchen come dining & family rooms creating an open plan area that’s full of light. Think elegant, simplistic cabinetry often handless or with minimal handles. If you’re going for a modern kitchen carefully selected colours schemes and accessories can be used to create simple yet stunning features.

Fresco White

Contemporary kitchens often have fitted storage and built in appliances to create the minimalist feel. If you’re after something that’s clean and stylish a modern kitchen would be ideal for you.

Traditional kitchens

A traditional kitchen will fit seamlessly in to your home if you have traditional features in your existing setting that you wish to highlight or accentuate. Similarly a traditional kitchen can also look great in a modern environment adding a touch of charm.

There are many styles that fall in to the tradition category however one of the most popular is a shaker kitchen. This style is great if you want a classic design that will keep on looking good for years to come.  Ideal for just about any setting these kitchens are simple and timeless in their design. There’s no elaborate detailing or decorative elements just a simple panel that oozes with elegance.

If you want something a little more rustic a country kitchen offers painted designs that can provide a charming feel. These can highlight original features such as beams or tiles and can create a warm, cosy environment.

Choosing the material

Whatever material you choose will mostly come down to your budget, but we always advise customers investing in a high quality kitchen as this can add value to your home. Additionally the higher the quality the more durable your kitchen will be.

These materials are great for any kitchen:

  • Granite – ideal for worktops these are high quality and boasts features such as being resistant, easy to clean and maintenance free
  • Hardwood – a highly durable material ideal for kitchen cabinets
  • MDF painted – these are usually inexpensive but very durable. Ideal if you are looking for a modern, simplistic design

Choosing a colour

Choosing a colour for your cabinets is super important as often this will become the foundation for your kitchen. White still remains a popular choice followed by Grey and Dark greys. These are great if you want a simple backdrop allowing you to add splashes of colour with your appliances and homes accessories. A white or pale kitchen also offers more flexibility when it comes to designing your tiles and flooring.

For modern kitchens we’re also seeing dark colour emerging to create a striking focal point. Think midnight blue, dark grey and forest green. These colours can be used for island cabinets combined with lighter colours to create a fresh, contemporary feel.

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